Concrete cutting using high pressure water blasting or hydro-demolition is rapidly becoming a preferred method of concrete removal. Using high pressure water jetting or water blasting equipment, we can save time and money when removing concrete areas for repairs.

Using water blasting or hydro demolition, we can easily remove small sections of concrete without causing any damage to the surrounding area of concrete. Using jack hammers to remove concrete can result in extreme vibration which may tend to undermine the performance of concrete. Using jack hammers to remove concrete may also cause damage to rebar or steel encased within the concrete for additional support. Using jack hammers or similar methods of concrete demolition will also create clouds of dust.

Concrete demolition using water blasting allows you to cut the affected area to be removed without extreme vibration or potential resultant damage to surrounding concrete. With hydro-demolition you can cut only the concrete without worry about damage to the structural integrity of the support steel strengthening materials. Since you are using water to cut out old or damaged concrete, no clouds of dust will be created.

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